House Hacking, Land Investing, and Using An Insurance Adjuster To Save You Thousands

House Hacking Mrcs Maloney

Discover the power of House Hacking, Land Investing, and the money-saving benefits of using a Public Adjuster in this enlightening episode with special guest Andy Gurczak. With over 10 years of experience in the Chicago land market & Indiana, Andy, the founder of AllCity Adjusting, shares valuable insights on tenant structures, converting residential units to commercial, and the concept of Land Banking. Learn who can benefit from a public adjuster’s expertise, and explore the types of claims they can help with. Join Marcus Maloney and Andy Gurczak in this knowledge-packed episode to elevate your real estate ventures!

House Hacking Mrcs Maloney

Join Marcus Maloney as he welcomes special guest Andy Gurczak, a private insurance adjuster with over 10 years of experience in the Chicago land market & Indiana. Founder of AllCity Adjusting, a licensed public adjusting firm, Andy shares insights on house hacking, land investing, and the benefits of using a public adjuster to save you thousands. Discover his real estate journey, tenant structure, and how he converted residential units into commercial spaces. Tune in to this informative episode to gain valuable knowledge for your real estate ventures!

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1:13 Who is Andy Gurczak
3:13 Andy’s first Duplex property and his strategy revealed!
6:44 Andy’s inspiration for his real estate business.
9:52 What’s next after Andy’s 4 doors rentals
11:19 Let’s find out if Indiana has a pull back in the market?
13:19 Andy’s tenant’s structure, revealed!
15:12 Details on how Andy converted his residential units into commercial.
17:49 Land Banking explained.
21:13 What does a public adjuster do & Who benefits using a public adjuster?
24:51 How much do public adjusters charge?
30:01 What kind of claims can a public adjuster help with?
32:09 The Hot Seat Round🔥🔥🔥
34:53 Connect with Andy Gurczak ⁣
⁣Resources that were mentioned in this episode.

The Alchemist – Novel by Paulo Coelho

Andy grew up with the family motto, “If you’re going to do something, do it right, or don’t do it all,” and carries that sentiment into his business. ⁣

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