Understanding A Property Insurance Policy: Getting the Most Out of Your Property Insurance

Getting the Most Out of Your Property Insurance

by Public Adjuster All City | Real Wealth Podcast

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When you buy a property insurance policy, do you know what’s covered and what’s excluded? Many of us read the declarations page, but it’s the contract that has all the details. And it’s those details that could surprise us when we are suddenly faced with a crisis, and are expecting our insurance to cover the costs.

In this episode, you’ll hear from a public insurance adjuster who says that most property owners have “no” idea what’s in their insurance package because they’ve never read any of it. In fact, he says many don’t even have a copy of their contract. During this interview, he offers insights into the claims process and tips on what you should and should not do or say. That includes why you might want to use a public adjuster as a “go-between” between you and the insurance company.

Andy Gurczak is the founder of public adjusting company, AllCity Adjusting. It is based in Chicago, Illinois, but operates in several other states including Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Ohio, Michigan, and Colorado. AllCity says that it helps property owners by making sure they have the insurance they need before something happens, and that any claims are settled effectively and efficiently at 100% of the claim value. As his website states: “The insurance companies are not your friends.”

This is an important topic for both homeowners and investors who want to protect their assets against unexpected incidents and damage. It’s one of many things that real estate investors should be aware of. If you’re a new or experienced investor, you’ll find more educational material like this at our website (RealWealthShow.com). Please hit the “join for free” button at the top of the page for complete access to our data.

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