Who Benefits from a Public Adjuster

Maximizing Insurance Claims with AllCity Adjusting

Facing property damage and insurance claim disputes? Tune in to our latest episode where we discuss the importance of public adjusters and how they can help you maximize your insurance claims. Our guest, Andrzej Gurczak, brings years of experience in the industry, sharing insights on how public adjusters can level the playing field and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Andy Gurczak: The Advocate for Fair Compensation

Andy Gurczak, founder of AllCity Adjusting, is a licensed public adjuster who immigrated from Poland as a child. Inspired by Herb Johnson, the first African American public adjuster in Illinois, Andy found his true calling in public adjusting. His firm’s unique team structure ensures efficient claim processing with maximum settlements for clients. Over the last decade, Andy has protected people from fraud and helped them receive higher insurance payouts, ensuring no discrimination based on gender, race, or any other reason. Notably, he helped a client rebuild their business after a fire, securing over $600,000, far surpassing the initial $3,000 offer from the insurance company.

Key Discussion Points

In this Episode, Vinki & Andrzej chat about⁠:

What is a public adjuster and the difference from an insurance adjuster
Who benefits using a public adjuster
How much do public adjusters charge
What does a public adjuster do?
Determining the value of a claim
…and much more!

Contact Andrzej by phone: 7086554186

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