How to ensure you get what’s owed in an insurance claim

#135 – How to ensure you get what’s owed in an insurance claim – Andy Gurczak

Typically insurance is one of the last things real estate investors think about.

99% of the time, you don’t need it and it is just an extra expense line item.

Until it isn’t!

Investors will inevitably experience risks, including fire incidents, water damage, and other potential calamities.

In this episode, Andy Gurczak, owner of All City Adjusting, shares exactly what to do when disaster strikes one of your properties, and how you can protect yourself if the insurance adjuster does not provide fair compensation.

Key Takeaways:

  • [00:55] The start of episode 135.
  • [01:05] Kirby introduced the guest speaker, a Licensed Public Adjuster who has helped many people receive their money in insurance claims.
  • [04:50] Kirby stressed the importance of having a public adjuster who will fight on a client’s behalf.
  • [05:49] Do we always need to hire a public adjuster or just in some cases?
  • [09:44] How to know that the hired contractor or PA provides factual and legal claims?
  • [15:49] Andy shared practical examples to negotiate the right amount of compensation with the insurance company.
  • [21:15] If the client got a policy and set the replacement cost limit on it years ago, can it be automatically adjusted or will depreciation be taken?
  • [23:49] Andy recommended the right companies where the clients could start working.
  • [28:00] The guest shared helpful types of investments he has made.

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