Why you might want to have a Public Adjuster on your team

Getting the Most Out of Your Property Insurance

by The Remote Real Estate Investor | 1005

In this episode, we welcome Public Adjustor, Andy Gurczak:

Discover the role of PAs and how to maximize your insurance claim negotiations for the best settlements. Ensure the highest possible settlement under your policy’s terms and conditions.

About Andy Gurczak:

Andy started in construction as a laborer and found his way into public adjusting through a contractor. His journey includes rapid growth, new client acquisition, and building strong relationships. Now, as the founder of AllCity Adjusting, his team processes over 1000 claims annually.

Contact Andy:

Website: https://www.allcityadjusting.com/
Phone: 708-655-4186


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Episode Discussion:

Tune in to hear insights from Andy Gurczak of AllCity Adjusting…


What’s going on everyone? Welcome to another episode of The Remote Real Estate Investor. I’m Michael Albaum and today with me I have Andy Gurczak with All City Public Adjusting. And he’s gonna be talking to us today about what a public adjuster is, and why anyone who owns property should consider using one if they have an insurance claim. So let’s get into it.


First of all, Bravo on 300 episodes. Plus, that’s awesome. So thanks for you guys. And I’m lucky PA so this is pretty cool. Yeah, so public adjuster is is licensed by the state, he’s legally able to represent the insured in their claim process, negotiate and settle the loss for them. Whether it’s commercial or residential. It’s basically like having an attorney on your side or an accountant doing your books. It’s the same exact thing. They’re licensed by the state that they work in as well.


Okay, okay. And I mean, it just seems like kind of counterintuitive. I go and pay an insurance company every single month, every single year to give me insurance. Then when I have a claim, an insurance claim, I go to the insurance company said, Hey, insurance company, here’s this claim, pay me for the claim what I’m owed. So why do I need a public adjuster? Like why does your job even exist?


Yeah, that’s a that’s a great question. The reason our job exists is because insurance companies don’t pay claims and don’t pay them fairly. We’ve talked about this before the show, Mike, you work the insurance side. So you know, that claims, actually two people that work in our office work the insurance side, and they’ve got they seen how bad a guy and came to our side. Because claims are handled, I mean, horribly every year, it gets worse and worse. And our we just had a meeting with a couple of attorneys just discussing what’s going on and what we could do in some situations, because it’s getting so bad, that, you know, insurance companies aren’t responding for a month or two months, or just I mean, so having a PA on your site, even though it’s your claim, and you think you have to remember that insurance adjuster, that staff adjuster…