Maximizing Dollars for Insurance Policies

by The Real Estate Experiment | 1026

Exploring the Real Estate Experiment with Andy Gurczak

Maximizing Insurance Claims and Industry Insights

Today we bring you Andy Gurczak, founder and CEO of All City Adjusting, to walk us through the behind-the-scenes process of how to get top dollar when filing a claim as a policyholder in a trillion-dollar industry.

With over a decade of experience, Andy specializes in helping people get what they deserve from their insurance claims. He reminds us that insurance companies are not your friends, and public adjusters represent your best interest, just like hiring a lawyer for court or a realtor for real estate. Working with a professional ensures maximum coverage.

This episode is timely as we see a growing niche in the midterm rental space, and it’s critical for us to understand what insurance adjusters look for in a claim to determine its approval and coverage amount. A public adjuster helps policyholders get the top dollar they deserve, benefiting investors and midterm rental operators alike.

Insider Insights and Advocacy

Andy covers the full behind-the-scenes gambit, coming from the construction and restoration industry, and finding his true calling in public adjusting thanks to Herb Johnson, a pioneering African American public adjuster.

In this episode, Andy talks about why it’s crucial to hire a public adjuster when dealing with insurance claims. He’s passionate about advocating for the insured and getting them the most out of their claims. Andy also shares common problems homeowners face with insurance companies and offers useful tips for navigating the claims process successfully.

Building Strong Industry Connections

Additionally, he highlights the value of building strong relationships with insurance agents, restoration companies, and others in the industry. Tune in now for timely advice and insights, especially for those tapping into the midterm rental insurance industry, to help you and your clients get top dollar for their insurance claims.