Real Estate Investing Abundance REIA 327 Andy Gurczak: Using a Public Adjuster to protect and grow your portfolio

Over the last decade, Andy Gurczak has not only protected thousands of people from being defrauded, but also helped them receive more money than what their insurance initially offered.

Main Points:

  • What is a public adjuster?
  • In one instance, a client had his business burn to the ground and was initially quoted $3,000 dollars from his insurance company. With your help, he received over $600,000 and was able to properly rebuild and restart his business.
  • Who benefits from using a public adjuster?
  • What kind of claims can a public adjuster help with?
  • Is using a public adjuster a good idea?
  • How much do public adjusters charge?
  • What does a public adjuster do?
  • What is a public adjuster?

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