Many property owners take their insurance policies at face value and rarely dig into the finer points of the document leaving most shocked when their claim is either denied or undervalued.

It is worth remembering that insurance companies undervalue your claim 8 out of 10 times on average according to today’s guest, Andy Gurczak, founder of AllCity Adjusting. Join our co-host Rob Coldwell as he leans in on Andy’s expertise as a public adjuster whose mission is to make sure your policy is working for YOU and not the insurance company.

Listeners will learn what the role of a public adjuster (PA) is, the common scenarios of when to get a PA involved and how to interpret your policy and determine the exclusions. Andy’s company can help you identify mis-categorizations, maximize your claim value, and will quickly and efficiently get you back to normal!

Founder of AllCity Adjusting, a licensed public adjusting firm, Andy Gurczak immigrated to America from Poland with his family at the age of nine. After working in the construction industry– more specifically fire restoration, Andy discovered his true calling: public adjusting. This discovery was largely thanks to Herb Johnson, the first African American public adjuster in Illinois, who took Andy under his wing. Andy grew up with the family motto, “if you’re going to do something, do it right, or don’t do it all,” and carries that sentiment into his business.

AllCity Adjusting’s unique team structure allows them to maximize their individual expertise and experience. This grants them the ability to move a claim quickly, efficiently, and always with the same outcome: max settlement for the insured. Over the last decade, Andy has not only protected thousands of people from being defrauded, but also helped them receive more money than what their insurance initially offered. In one instance, a client had his business burn to the ground and was originally quoted $3,000 dollars from his insurance company. With Andy’s help, he received over $600,000 and was able to properly rebuild and restart his business. Passionate that no one should be discriminated against because of their gender, race, or any other reason, Andy works hard to make sure his clients get what they truly deserve from their claims.