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Reduce Your Risk – How Public Adjusters Help Investors Use Insurance Policies with Andy Gurczak

In this episode of The Passive Wealth Strategy Show, guest Andy Gurczak shares his expertise on how public adjusters can help investors reduce their risk by using insurance policies. As the founder of All City Adjusting, Andy has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and shares his personal journey from working in construction to discovering his true calling in public adjusting. Tune in to hear how Andy’s mentor, Herb Johnson, helped shape his career and how investors can benefit from working with a public adjuster.

Andy Gurczak. And he is the founder of All City Adjusting, a licensed Public Adjusting firm, and he immigrated to America from Poland with his family at the age of nine. And after working in the construction industry, more specifically Fire Restoration, he discovered his true calling public adjusting. This discovery was largely thanks to Herb Johnson, the first African American public adjuster in Illinois who took Andy under his wing.