What Landlords Should Know About Hiring a Public Adjuster

by The Accidental Landlord | 1010

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Welcome back to another engaging episode of [Podcast Title]! I’m your host, Peter McKenzie, and today, we have a captivating conversation lined up just for you.

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Get ready for an insightful chat as I sit down with a remarkable guest this week – none other than Andy Gurczak! Andy is the Founder of AllCity Adjusting. His commitment to the philosophy of doing things right or not at all has shaped his journey, both personally and in business, especially when it comes to serving landlords.

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But before we dive into this enriching conversation, let’s take a moment to get to know Andy better. He’s not just an expert in his field, he’s someone who carries his family motto as a guiding principle. Stay tuned to discover how this mindset has shaped his approach to business.

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Guest: Andy Gurczak of AllCity Adjusting

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